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board and accommodation

Board and lodgings:
For hotels in the categories A and B overnight stay and breakfast for 6 days/nights are included.
For lunch and dinner we offer meal cards for 6 days (from dinner on July 10th to lunch on July 16th) which must be paid separately (EUR 85,-). Meal cards can also be obtained either for lunch or dinner (EUR 50,-).
In the categories C to F (youth hostels, dormitories, Inns and schools), breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for 6 days/nights. Catering starts on July 10th with dinner (Sunday about 7pm) and ends on Saturday, July 16th with lunch. For overnight stays in schools category F please do not forget to bring airbeds and blankets.
Accommodation in schools is only allowed for players and for up to 4 - 5 coaches or attendants. Teams that want to arrive earlier or depart later can book additional days. Additional days are settled separately. Teams that have to leave earlier, for whatever reason, will not get the participation fee refunded.

Accommodations for supporters:

We offer accommodation at reasonable prices in hostels, Inns and youth hotels. We would be glad to help you with any further questions you might have concerning this.

Exterior accommodation and catering:

Teams who want to book their own accommodation and self catering pay the participant fee of EUR 8,- per person /per day.

Upper Austria Cup meal card:

This entitles the owner to consume the meals in the school.

Additional entitlements are:

• Free bus journeys with the Upper Austria Cup busses to the playing fields
• Free admission for the opening ceremony and the finals
• Free admission to the tourist attractions of Wels.
• Free admission to the multi-function leisure swimming complex.

Attendant card/Members card:

Each team receives two attendant's cards once they register in Wels.
These entitle the holders of these cards to take part in the attendant's meeting on invitation of the city of Wels.


Der Sportdirektor des Österreichischen Fußball-Bundes Willi Ruttensteiner

Willi Ruttensteiner-
Sports director of the
Austrian Soccer Association

Stadt Wels