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1. Match Rules: The UAC will be played according to the latest rules issued by FIFA and the Austrian Football Association.

2. Match Order: Teams will be allocated in groups of four or five teams in which all teams play against each other. The ranking of the team after the first round results from the points achieved. In case of a draw the following items will be taken into account:

a) Goal ratio

b) Most goals scored

c) Relevant result of the match between the teams in the first round

d) Penalty kicks according to the FIFA regulations

The two best placed teams (resp. also the 3rd and 4th, depending on number of groups) will be promoted to the next round. The following rounds will be played in the k.o. system. If there is no score in the regular full time of the match extra time of seven minutes for each of the two half-times will be added. If necessary the match will be decided on penalty kicks.

For the finals the extra time is twice ten minutes.

3. Classification in Groups

Classification in groups is according to age categories A/U-17, B/U-16, C/U-15, D/U-14,
E/U-13, F/U-12, G/U-11, H/U-10, I/U-9, J/-girl groups play in open classes without age limit.


Exceptional authorization of age:

An authorization will be automatically given to maximum 2 players per team (only to 1 player in 7-a-side classes). These 2 players may be over aged by maximum one year. All the other players must correspond to the specified age of the relative class.

4. Full Playing Time: Group matches and matches on the K.O. system: Group A - F, J: 25 minutes each of the two half times; Group G - I: 20 minutes each of the two half times

Finals: group A - F, J: 30 minutes each of the two half times; group G - I: 25 minutes each of the two half times. Break: 5 minutes

5. Numbers of Players and Substitutes: During one match a team can only play a maximum of 16 players, i.e. a maximum of 5 substitutes. A player who has been substituted must not return to the pitch in the same match.

Exception: Classes G/H/I – players can be substituted several times and return. A maximum of twelve players are permitted in the match, i.e. max. of 5 substitutes.

The same players can be part of various teams of the same football club, however not in the same class.

In case of a substitution the substitute is only allowed onto the pitch when the players he is going to substitute has already left the pitch and the referee has given him the appropriate signal.


6. Special Regulations for Mini Pitches: In class G to I players can be substituted several times and return.  Classes G to I play on mini pitches with mini goals.

The offside rules and the pass back rules are valid for all classes except classes H and I

The corner is to be shot from a special point in class H + I, in all the other classes from the corner marking. In class G, H, I, in case the ball has been kicked out of the pitch, the match is continued by a shot from the goal area; however, all the players of the opposing teams must be out of the goal area.


7. Age Check and Players` Registers: All the players must prove their identity and age with an official document with photo, stating the authenticity of the information before the tournament. A list of all the participants of the tournament must be submitted by the respective team officials. The names of the officials also have to be submitted. An official can only be responsible for one team.

Lists of participants must have an official club stamp and the signature of a club official. All players must be present during the age control and must have an ID card with a photo with them.

The procedure of the checks:

- For all those teams that are accommodated by the organizers on their check-in in the central office before they are given their accommodation.

- For all those who have not booked accommodation with the organizers the check will be carried out by the respective Pitch Warden on the respective pitch before the match.

Austrian teams must prove their identity with a valid ÖFB Junior players pass. Teams from abroad prove their identity by their valid travel document. In order to avoid complaints the control has to be carried out by the tournament jury.

The team managers must have these documents available for random checks at all the matches. The authorized list of participants must be available and presented by the team coach at all the matches.

8. Team Line Up - Match Lines: Before the beginning of each match, both teams have to hand over the match lines to the referee (this has to be signed by a club official). Failure to do so might lead to disqualification.

All the jerseys of the players must have a number on the backs, which must be identical with the number on the match line.

All players must wear different numbers in the same match. In case of the same colour of uniforms the second nominated team has to change their uniforms.

All the players should be equipped with shin protection.

9. Referees: All the matches will be executed by referees holding a valid Austrian football Association Card – they might also be auxiliaries. In case there is no assistant or auxiliary available – for whatever reason – both teams are obliged to nominate an assistant.

10. Tournament Jury:

The tournament jury consists of three people and one substitute - the jury is obliged to deal with any possible complaints and send offs. Protests must be reported to the jury (to the Pitch Warden respectively) by the responsible coach or official one hour after the last minute of the match at the latest.

The fee for the protest is Euro 40,- which will be refunded in case the protest is accepted.

Disciplinary measures:

Yellow Card – warning

Yellow/Red Card – punishment

Red Card – sending off

A player that has been sent off the pitch automatically is excluded from playing the next match, unless the jury decides otherwise. Decisions announced by the jury are final.

11. Walk Over (w.o.): A team that fails to present itself on the pitch without any reported valid reason automatically loses the match 2 : 0 (w.o.). The team that fails to present itself on the pitch twice without reported valid reason is excluded from the tournament, and all the matches played so far will be null and void. In order to carry out all the matches properly it is essential that all the teams present themselves on the pitch at the appointed time. In case a team does not present itself 15 minutes after the appointed time the regulation of w.o. is automatically valid.

12. Football Pitches: All the matches will be carried out on pitches approved by the Austrian Football Association.

The matches Class G/H/I will be played separately on the respective pitches.

13. Programme: The committee of the organisation is entitled to change the order of matches, the grouping, the times of the matches, or the place of the match. The responsible team official or coach will be informed in time.

14. Match Balls:

Class A - F, J: size 5

Class G - I: size 4

15. Insurance: It is up to the responsible authorities of each team that their players and all the participants are insured for the days of the tournament with UAC. The organizers do not assume any kind of liability in case of illness, accidents or theft.


Der Sportdirektor des Österreichischen Fußball-Bundes Willi Ruttensteiner

Willi Ruttensteiner-
Sports director of the
Austrian Soccer Association

Stadt Wels